Andrew Katz

Seaquake and Crypto


Andrew Katz is an entrepreneur and Harvard graduate who enjoys spending his free time with friends but spends most of his time building his business. He started Seaquake, which helps businesses fix the digital asset market's broken infrastructure by offering brokerage services and data analytics.

Andrew Katz started his own business in 2016 by using his experience. After Seaquake was released, Katz's creative, outside-the-box thinking and business skills led to fast growth and positive steps toward his ultimate goal for the business, which was to launch a native crypto platform.

Andrew Katz was an equity analyst at UBS before he started his own business. In just over a year, he worked at the New York office of LeGarde Capital Management as an Equity Trader. He did well in New York and liked living and working in one of the financial centers of the world.

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